Prevention and protection from the chemical and biological risk.

For the cross infection spread prevention, the observance of the proper hygienic procedure of the ambience is a fundamental principle. In accordance with the technical regulation about the risk factors, it is warmly recommended the usage of a disinfectant with proved effectiveness against all the biological agents which are harmful since are able to trigger infections. Adantium®Plus is a powerful disinfectant, classified as Medical Device class II a (CE 0373), aimed for a professional use, with a wide spectrum for the disinfection for premises and surfaces of healthcare and hospital setting. It is biodegradable for more than the 94%, it is a safe product, for operators and patients, not corrosive and compatible with all the surface. The concentrated formula and single use size simplify the usage and the storage. Using Adantium®Plus in synergy with the Hygienio system means choosing a system capable of combining a maximization of the results of microbicide effectiveness with reduced amounts of chemical preparation. Eliminating unnecessary disinfectant helps to protect the environment.

For further information on the Adantium Plus disinfectant, please require the technical and safety data sheet of the product.

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