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60 SECOND for a dental unit
5 MINUTES for an ambulance
5 MINUTES for a 20 mq room

Use an easy, fast and effective tool

It is well known that the effectiveness of disinfection is conditioned mainly by two factors:

1) The disinfectants features

2) The methods of application

The exclusive Hygienio system of hot application of disinfectant through steam allows an effective, simple, quick and functional treatment mode 10-20 sqm per minute – 500/1000 sqm in an hour and an immediate reuse of environments and equipment. The application of the disinfectant through the dispenser allows to avoid direct contact of the operator with the surfaces, eliminating the risk of transporting bacterial loads from one part of the treated area to another. The hot steam jet, loaded with disinfectant particles, adheres to all surfaces, walls, furniture, equipment and objects of any shape and material without interruption, that is, without neglecting micro-spaces, where, viruses, bacteria, mycobacteria and fungi would normally continue to proliferate.


K: the kinetic energy is the one that a body possesses due to the movement it has or acquires: the greater the speed of a body is, the greater is its kinetic energy

Sanitize easily the whole environment

bjective limits, such as the failure to disinfect areas which are less accessible and more difficult to be achieved, give to some type of disinfection practices limited effectiveness because they are not, generally, able to eliminate the microbial charge. Hygienio system technology allows the flow of vapor particles under pressure to transfer kinetic energy and consequently velocity to the disinfectant molecules in the liquid phase so that the two-phase mixture disinfectant + steam can reach 360° all the surfaces to be treated. The disinfectant solution, mixed with the steam into the complex and patented mixing chamber and distributed in a proper way through the lance of the system, dispensed on the surfaces in a constant concentration, assuring the efficacy of the treatment. The simplicity, the speed and effectiveness of the system results in an immediate reuse of the premises and equipment.


The disinfectant penetrates and acts in depth


The disinfectant does not penetrate and act in depth

Ensuring the penetrativeness of the treatment

Thanks to the application temperature, the disinfectant penetrates deep into all types of surfaces, in the furniture and equipment of any shape and material optimizing the microbicide effectiveness of the product The shape of a drop of disinfectant distributed at “cold” is of a spheroidal type, i.e. with a single point of contact, this condition minimizes its decontaminating properties, given the limited point of contact and the limited penetrative capacity. To increase the surface interaction between the interfaces, it is essential to increase the wettability index of the disinfectant liquid by decreasing its surface tension. Thanks to the Hygienio method of applying the hot disinfectant, a decrease in the surface tension of the disinfectant is obtained and the surface to be treated is able to be “wet” more easily, allowing the product to penetrate deeply for a more effective disinfection treatment than the traditional “cold” disinfection practices.


Traditional systems. Hygienio’s system.

Ensure long-lasting effective treatment

Thanks to Hygienio system, the hot two-phases mixture of saturated steam and disinfectant solution by reaching colder surfaces condenses and produce a decontaminant continuous film. This homogenous film ensures a disinfection treatment seamless, in other words, without any untreated areas, eliminating efficiently viruses, bacteria, mycobacteria and fungi. The continuous and homogeneous product application methods increase the disinfectant bacteriostatic effect which prevent a quick microbial recontamination. The premises treated with Hygienio system persist decontaminated for a longer than the traditional methods.


Arrhenius’ equation


The speed of a reaction is calculated as variation of the concentration of the reagents [R] or of the products [P] in the time interval Δ t 


Change in concentration per unit of time

Respect the environment

The use of equipment and products capable of combining maximum effectiveness of results with the respect for the environment is an ethical principle to contribute to the well-being of society in terms of quality and safety. During the disinfection treatments, it is a general practice to use an excess of product to ensure the effectiveness of the operations and a high rapidity of action. The Hygienio technology, thanks to the enhancement of the microbicide activity of the disinfectant enabled by the hot application and its calibrated mixing system, allows to reach high standards in disinfection treatment using “stechiometric” quantities of disinfectant, drastically limiting the quantity of chemical substances dispersed in the environment. Chemical reactions’ speed are affected by the temperature, the higher is the temperature the quicker is the time of reaction of the reactive agents. The speed generally duplicates every 10°C of temperature, following the Arrhenius equation. The Hygienio system applies the disinfectant solution at 35/40 ° on the surfaces, inducing an increasing of the speed reaction, considerably larger than in “cold” conventional applications.

HIGHER disinfectant application temperature

FASTER speed of reaction of the product

SMALLER amount in percentage of the active ingredient

LOWER impact of chemical product in the environment

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